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Welcome to the Official Green dragon Pod Website 

Welcome to the Green Dragon, where we proudly proclaim our nerdy identity with a passion that can only be described as Hobbit-like enthusiasm! Here, we don't believe in pretending to be anyone other than ourselves. In fact, we encourage all fellow nerds to embrace their true selves and join us in this epic journey.

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Our Passion is in our Hobbies

But that's not all! We also offer an extensive collection of meticulously crafted miniatures, perfect for collectors and tabletop gamers alike. Our miniatures capture the essence of your favorite characters and universes, adding an extra touch of magic to your gaming experience.

Stay Up to Date

Discover a world of gaming and nerdy pop culture at The Green Dragon. Stay in the loop with the latest news, reviews, and interviews from the gaming industry. Immerse yourself in captivating discussions and uncover hidden gems of the pop culture universe. Enhance your gaming experience with our meticulously crafted miniatures. Join our vibrant community of enthusiasts and indulge in your passion for all things nerdy. The Green Dragon Pod is your ultimate gateway to the thrilling realms of gaming and pop culture.

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About Greendragon

At the Green Dragon, we're a community of fans who stand tall, refusing to bow to anyone except our fellow fanatics. Our unwavering commitment is to put our interests and the larger Fandom above all else. We've all experienced the heartbreak of seeing our beloved passions being mishandled by those who lack the knowledge, passion, and love for our way of life. But fear not, for at the Green Dragon, we have created a sanctuary where true nerds can find solace and celebrate their differences.

We fully understand and appreciate that everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences. In fact, we embrace and cherish healthy debates between different fandoms. Remember the good old days of the Star Wars vs. Star Trek rivalry? Ah, the console wars! Let's bring back that spirit of friendly competition and lively discussions. It's what fuels our nerdy souls and keeps our excitement burning bright.

Here, you are more than welcome to voice your opinions in any way, shape, or form. We encourage you to express yourself with passion and fervor, while keeping in mind the importance of staying on topic and refraining from personal attacks. Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment where the power of words combines with a genuine love for all things nerdy.

So, let's embark on this epic adventure together! Be safe, be kind, and always stay true to yourself. Join us at the Green Dragon, where your nerdy passions are not only accepted but celebrated. Cheers to being unabashedly nerdy, because that's what makes us who we are!

#EmbraceYourNerdiness #GreenDragonCommunity

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Meet the Team

In a harmonious blend of gaming prowess and strategic brilliance, our trio creates an unstoppable force that conquers the gaming realm with style and purpose. Dylan, the Swiss Army Knife of our team, excels at any game and infuses every moment with laughter and skill.

Zac, the idea-generating dynamo, showers us with a constant stream of brilliant concepts, though focusing on one at a time may prove challenging. And Taylor, the true gamer and strategic anchor, complements the others spectacularly by prioritizing what's important to our business while indulging in captivating single-player experiences.

Together, this dynamic trio combines unmatched creativity, laser-focused strategies, and a shared passion for gaming, forming an extraordinary alliance that is destined to leave a mark on the gaming universe.

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